Real Estate Advisory

American Appraisal (Hellas) Limited,  ensures an effective management either of a single property or an extensive portfolio, providing objective valuation advises, recommendations and solutions. Whether you are  a property owner or an investor, American Appraisal (Hellas) assists you in regularly and rigorously evaluating your real estate investments, by studying all available scenarios, developing proactive strategies and maximizing value in transactions.

  • Strategic Advisory
    • - Preparation of Business Plans / Investment Plans
    • Financial Modeling / Projections


  •  Technical Advisory
    • Advisory & Portfolio Management
    • Engineering Due Diligence
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Real Estate Portfolio Counseling
    • Project Management & Technical Advisory
    • Urban Planning


  • Restructuring Services
    • Independent Investment and Liquidity Review
    • Liquidation Review
    • Real Assets Exploitation Review